I love to travel and thought to write why I love travelling and I’d really like to know your reasons as well. So do let me know what makes you wear your hippy pants on!

1. Loving the unknown

Isn’t it a bit a adrenaline rush when you aren’t aware of the ways of a foreign land or the people you would end up meeting there?  It’s exciting and this whole thing makes me crave for a new place very often.

2.Nature and Scenery

There are some truly breathtakingly amazing places out there. I simply love outdoors and scenic beauty. Nature has so much to offer to the eyes and soul of a wanderer like me.

3. Food!

I love new cuisines and food overseas always interests me. One should always eat local while travelling because that’s how you get to know them better and trust me your palate too would thank you for the change and introducing it to some new and unique tastes! Well I agree the first few bites might meet with the lukewarm reception but you got to do away with the neutral setting and try exotic and different stuff!

4. Think and Reflect

What better than being on top of the mountain or sitting on a hammock by the beach side or in a road side café watching aimlessly and admiring every bit of what nature has provided us with, and see where your mind goes, just see what you come up with. Allow yourself some agenda free time to reflect, to ponder to wander! I’m sure it’d deepen you and your relationships and make you a better person.

5.Life is short

Life is too fleeting and changeable to take for granted and what if “sometime later” never came. Life doesn’t come with a guarantee card you see! It’s a really big world and I definitely wouldn’t miss a chance not to experience it as long as I am alive and young.

6. Widens your horizon

Travel makes you humble and appreciative. It makes you realize how little you know about life and how big the world is and how minuscule your perspective on it. well it definitely doesn’t rule out your existence and consequence but it teaches you to be more receptive, open, giving, and let go of the pre conceived notions. It broadens your outlook on life and get you out of your nutshell. I still have lot many places yet to visit and I’d recommend everyone to get out of their hometowns to see what’s out there.

7. Go Local

Many associate travelling with hopping on a plane! Well it doesn’t have to be expensive at all, It could be a road trip, or a near by place where you can easily go on a bus or train. Try exploring the remote areas around your city and trust me there’s no bigger adventure than romancing the off beaten tracks and exploring the unexplored!

8. Mental Detox

Our routines are very hectic and this fast paced life makes us tired and lifeless. So we do need to pause and take a break for rejuvenation. I feel staying up at one place for long can clog up our thought process. Its important to get away from the humdrum of this busy life and experience the freedom you’ve never felt before. Be adventurous and do stuff you normally don’t do or  always wanted to do. Enjoy life at its best as you travel to unknown places.

9. Confident and Street Smart

Moving around in a new or unknown place on your own makes you think about various factors and you come up with intelligent ideas and thoughts to keep going so you get rid of the inhibitions and become bold. Also since you are anonymous so you don’t really care of being judged. You become smart and learn to tackle the problems without anyone’s help and eventually you emerge out to be a more confident person.

10. Happiness

By just hearing this phrase “we are going on a holiday”  I start jumping like a monkey! Research carried out in the Netherlands showed that the simple act of planning a trip can enhance your happiness and invite positive feelings. And that’s absolutely true! Traveling is the solution to every problem in this world. No matter what you might be going through, pack your bags and go. For it makes you immensely happy and contended with your life and I feel there cannot be any bigger reason than this to travel.

I’ll be back soon with some other interesting write up for you guys, till then stay happy, keep exploring and keep it stylish!

-Glam Adventuress

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  1. Wow I see myself in everything you wrote! I love traveling and it is the best feeling ever! thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I feel this post was meant for me. I have allowed my fear of flying to prevent me from traveling. I want to travel more despite my fear of flying.

  3. Love this! I feel like traveling helps shape you into the person you’re supposed to become. I’d rather spend my money on experiences rather than material things.

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