I am yet to meet anyone who says I am happy being overweight. And those who struggle with their weight, I have seen that the dressing room is one of the few places where the reality check takes place and the bubble bursts! I often wonder to myself if fitting into a pair of jeans or a dress the only reason people have to lose weight?

There’s no denying the fact that your weight may impact on how you feel about yourself and even how others see you, but body image shouldn’t be the sole reason you should embark on a weight loss journey. Positive body image goes a long way in losing weight, So don’t be cruel to your body as it has profound affect on your overall personality. The aim should be to be healthy, strong and fit, not just slim!

Here are few simple steps to lose weight

1. The first and foremost mantra is of self fulfilling prophecy. keep saying that I’ll lose weight, that I’ll go for a run/walk, that I’ll resist that piece of gulab jamun or tantalising black forest cake.

Repeat these phrases and before too long, you’d realise half the battle of losing weight you have already won! Your thoughts are your inner programming so no negative thoughts please!

2. Eat a high protein breakfast and it is definitely going to keep a check on your cravings through out the day.

3. Dink water, plenty of water and it makes you feel fuller and drinking before meals is a good trick as you end up eating less comparatively. Also it makes your skin glow!

4. Refrain from sugary stuff and packaged food, and gorge on whole unprocessed food as it is healthier. Also keep an eye over your portions while eating. Always serve yourself smaller portions and stop when you are about feel just full.

5. Eat your food slowly, chew it properly and don’t just gulp it down as it has been proven that fast eaters tend to gain more weight.

6. Avoid fried food so as far as possible steam it, boil it. Use minimum amount of oil, prefer olive oil if possible.

7. Devour on salads (avoid creamy dressing) as you are less likely to pig out!

8. Snack on nuts, makhanas, they not only keep those hunger pangs at bay but also make sure you eat in moderation and not finish the entire packet in one go!

9. Include turmeric, garlic, capsicum, honey, cardamom, cinnamon, cabbage, sprouts, chillies in your diet as they tend to boost your metabolism and help in speeding the weight loss process.

10. Last but certainly not the least, exercise, diet only cannot do any wonders unless combined with some physical activity. One doesn’t even need to burn a hole in the pocket by getting the membership of expensive gyms. you can work out at your home itself! Isn’t that simple? So you can start with stretching followed by cardio, include jumping jacks, wall sits, crunches, sit ups, do these in the form of sets and repeat three times.

Follow this for a month and then make it as your lifestyle because diets are temporary so you need to incorporate it in your routine. You’d feel on top of the world when every one will start giving you compliments for the visible changes!

So see you get a slimmer, healthier and fitter body by just being more aware of what you are eating and sweating a bit which besides reducing the risks of diseases gives you a healthy mind too!

Alright guys so it’s a wrap, I’ll be back soon with some more riveting posts, till then stay fit, stay happy and keep it stylish!

-Glam Adventuress

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