Forever In Our Hearts- A Tribute To Our Fur Baby Jason

In Loving Memory of Jason, our fur baby- The past few days have been really tough!! It was difficult to write this and not a single moment passes without Jason crossing my mind, just not able to process it. Reminiscing about the incredible bond we shared might bring me some comfort. Dealing with grief is hard, blocking the thought is going to make it even more tough so I’m thinking about him, the memories that we made together, allowing myself to process it and think how Jason used to fill our life with sunshine and laughter.

Jason has crossed the rainbow bridge and left an inexplicable void in our heart and lives.
Jason was not just a pet, he was our first baby, our furball our favourite being whose presence made our home filled with love, warmth and laughter.

We got him home soon after marriage when he was just 35 days old. I still remember how he responded to me when I uttered his name ‘Jason’ while playing the newspaper game on the balcony in Nagrota. I used to hold him in my arms and go for walks as the road used to be quite hot and didn’t want his paws to hurt. Gosh, it’s bringing back so many memories!! We grew with him and life became so exciting with him being in it. Jason was not an ordinary dog, he was the alpha, always leading us with his loving yet commanding presence.

His love for travel was something else, his tail wagging with excitement at mach speed whenever he used to see the car, he moved every two years with us! From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Rajasthan to Assam, he was there exploring and enjoying life. Many a times, he stayed back in Jammu at my parents’ place and how he won them over and they couldn’t imagine living without him. He was everyone’s favourite back home. Our talks used to revolve around what’s Jason doing, his new stories, where did he run away, whom he befriended, new walking routes, and so much more.

During our evening walks, Jason being Jason used to roam as per his wish and we had to change our walking routes as per him so my husband often joked that Jason has taken the command decision so let’s go his way! From Rajasthan’s heat to Kashmir’s snow, from Wellington’s salubrious climes to Assam’s humidity, he had seen it all! He was super intelligent, kind, naughty and a real fighter who feared nobody, he endured every pain calmly, what a patient spirit he had! Everything was fun with him being around, how he always hopped in the car whether it was a ride in the Cantonment or our long trips across the country!

For those who aren’t aware, Jason has his own Instagram handle and grabbed a couple of brand deals! He was super handsome and utterly adorable. His love for walks used to reach another level when both of us accompanied him and later when Tiferet our baby girl came into our life, Jason’s happiness knew no bounds. Even during his last days, how he used to stretch himself to go for walks with us even when he had no energy. He loved kids and kids loved him like anything!

How, in order to gain our attention he would lie upside down and would want us to drag him by holding his legs, how he’d enjoy all of this! His wagging tail and wet nose had a way of turning even the hardest days into celebrations, like a typical Labrador he would jump crazily and sniff you as if you’ve his food in your pockets! I’ll never forget the way his eyes sparkled with excitement when we used to grab his leash or the way he’d nudge us for belly rubs.

His attitude was different, never bothered about what anyone around him was doing, wouldn’t ever pay heed to other dogs barking and would bask in his own glory! He was headstrong, confident and a loving loyal friend who’d always be there with us.

His favorite spot was kitchen and under the dining table where he used to be all curled up kissing our feet, eagerly awaiting for the last bite, this became a routine, something we all looked forward to!

Jason’s love for parties and gatherings was known to everyone, he always wanted to be a part of every conversation, the fomo was a big deal for our Jason.

His playful and mischievous attitude brought laughter to our days, Jason had a way of understanding us like no other, his soulful kohl eyes spoke volumes without uttering a single word. His sloppy kisses, snuggles and cuddles comforted us through life’s ups and downs keeping us positive always.

I know he’s watching over us, he’s our guardian angel. Though he may no longer walk by our side, but Jason’s memory will live on in our hearts till our last breath. He taught us how to be in the moment and live life king size.

Rest in peace, dearest Jason, knowing that you were, and always will be the best good boieee in the world, you’ll always and always be loved beyond measure. Thank you for coming into our lives, forever grateful.

Lots of love, Jessi!!

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