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Meet the girl behind the blog. I’m Navneet, an Army Wife, a Teacher, a Freelance writer, University Gold Medalist in English Literature and a quirky girl who’s crazy about travel, dogs, chocolates, books, good food and pretty much everything! Oh and sparkly things!! I created this space online to share my passion for travelling, fashion, food, fitness and life in general (but predominantly travel). f2cb0-photo

I believe what a wonderful world we live in! I take everyday as my oh my what a beautiful day! I’m all about exploring my nearby places just as much as hopping on a plane across the Atlantic(if only I could do this more often).photo

I’m the happiest while sipping on some tender coconut water surrounded by the palm tress, swaying by the sea breeze and watching the waves crashing! (Omg! I just can’t wait to pack my bags and go on my next trip). The more I travel, the more I want to see! I want to explore this entire world and hope to inspire dreamers like me to travel more and do exactly what you love to do, for life is too fleeting and changeable to take it for granted!