Babymoon Ideas and Tips for Travelling During Pregnancy

A big hello to all the mamas-to-be! This article is for everyone who’s pregnant or thinking to start their family. The day I found out I was pregnant, I was over the moon and knew I was entering the most exciting phase of my life. Being a travel blogger, I had to make a few temporary changes to my lifestyle as I had been travelling most of the time. How and how much to travel during this period? All these questions were there on my mind so I’ve penned down the things I took into consideration, the tips I learnt while travelling during pregnancy. Just so you know, I also packed my entire house and move to a different part of the country during the onset of my third trimester! Talk about adventures!

What is a Babymoon?

It’s a holiday a couple takes before their bundle of joy arrives. A great time for the future mamas to relax and enjoy before the demands of the motherhood set in.

Best time to plan

I was back to my pre-pregnancy energy in my second trimester as the morning sickness had disappeared and it was easier to get around. 14-28 weeks is what you should consider.

How to travel

I was full of beans while planning my babymoon but wanted to be realistic at the same time because you can be energetic one day and feel low the next moment so plan things accordingly.

Air travel is fine during the second trimester, not that you can’t in the first or the last trimester but in either case you need to check with your doctor. Generally, women with an uncomplicated pregnancy can fly until 36 weeks, although after 28 weeks you need a letter from your doctor. Always check with the airline before booking your trip.

Road travel– We chose to do road tripping to Rajasthan from Delhi and stayed in a royal, heritage property called Tijara Fort Palace by Neemrana. It’s said that long-distance travel (longer than 4 hours) carries a small risk of blood clots, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) so taking multiple breaks in between is required and that’s what we did, it certainly helped me enjoy the journey. Our location was about 3 hours (131.5 km) which wasn’t much and I was quite comfortable all throughout. Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt even if you’re in the back seat.

Train travel– We travelled by train along with our dog Jason, at the onset of my third trimester. It was a three days long journey as we had to relocate. It was an ok experience even though we had booked a coupe and were independent, comfortable but it gets difficult. I wouldn’t recommend more than one day journey. I had stocked up on healthy snacks, fruits, loads of packets of coconut water along with for those hunger pangs!

Where to travel

There are no dearth of beautiful locations you can visit on your babymoon. However, I would recommend keeping your comfort and safety at the topmost priority. My personal suggestion is to choose a location that isn’t too far from home.

Countryside – Well, this always fascinates me and that’s where we went, to a heritage fort and felt like a royalty! Tijara Fort-Palace is a grand palace resort which dates back to the 19th century, a gorgeous property situated on a hill, surrounded by farmlands all around. It felt as if we’ve gone back in time! I’ll share about Tijara’s details in other article.

Mountains– Do they ever disappoint, nah! Enjoy the scenic views, the misty mountain air and reconnect with Mother Nature. But, don’t forget to consider the altitude level of your destination. It can put you and your baby at higher risk for pregnancy complications. Be careful of the distance as you may get uncomfortable during the serpent roads. Make sure there is a proper clinic or hospital nearby.

City Break– There’re so many changes happening in our body that our likings also change! Some days, you’re a country side fan and the other days you’d want to explore the hustle bustle of the city and paint it red. Well, do whatever floats your boat, just don’t exert yourself.

Somewhere Tropical – Beach holidays are the best, aren’t they? Just make sure the weather is not too hot and the walk from your hotel to the beach is short. Also a word of caution, it’s not the time to experiment with food, so be careful of what you eat.

What to eat

The best part of pregnancy was to enjoy a lot of guilt-free food!

I enjoyed the vacation and didn’t worry much about the food, but I kept the do’s and don’ts into consideration. It’s said to avoid raw, unpasteurized cheeses/milk/juice, raw/undercooked meat/fish/shellfish, processed meat, raw/semi boiled eggs, and high mercury fish (shark, swordfish, tuna, king mackerel). I wasn’t hesitant to ask questions to the cook regarding my meal and they were cooperative enough to clear all my doubts. Ladies, if something feels off then just go with your gut feeling!

As I’ve already mentioned, pack healthy snacks, nuts and fruits so that you can keep munching from time to time. Keep enough water to stay hydrated. Don’t eat too much at one go, you might experience acid reflux and bloating(quite common in pregnancy). Having smaller, more frequent snacks and meals will prevent those symptoms.

What to wear

You don’t have to compromise on fashion just because you’re pregnant! You can be stylishly dressed yet be comfortable, for me it’s always the comfort, more so when you’re carrying.

Here’s a recap of everything I wore on this vacay called babymoon. Everything here is non-maternity so they can also work for other holidays or life in general.

Pack flowy dresses that are easy, breezy and comfy. Body hugging dresses make a great fit to show your cute bump, swimwear, sunscreen, hat, oversized shirts are a big yes as they can be used as a shrug at times. Oh yes, sneakers and flip flops were my best friends as who would want to get tired with uncomfortable footwear. I did wear heels occasionally (please see what works for you, it’s generally not recommended).

Tips for travelling while pregnant

1. Drink plenty of water, try to stay as much hydrated as possible.

2. Bring a lot of healthy snacks. Dry fruits, Makhana and coconuts were my best friends!

3. Stay active. I used to go for walks, swim sessions and practiced yoga during the babymoon and otherwise too.

4. Do carry all your medical documents, have all the necessary information for just in case situation. I’m a firm believer that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Pack light, you can either carry your bump or the suitcase! I mean seriously, who would want to be lugging with the huge suitcase when pregnant so downsizing is the key. Plan your outfits in advance and pack accordingly.

Pregnancy tip– I’d recommend you to relax and take it easy! Please don’t exert or stretch yourself. Our bodies are trying to adjust to the new role of creating a human being which in itself is nothing short of magical! So we’re bound to feel a little (a lot) tired, nauseous, excited, nervous, overwhelmed etc etc so the least we can do is be kind to ourselves and enjoy the journey.

Hope these tips will help you plan your babymoon. Make memories and take a lot of pictures, like a lot! Every pregnancy is different so if you’re feeling up and down, it’s probably best to avoid traveling and enjoy at home. If you feel absolutely fine then don’t think much and just go for it. Babymoon should be all about relaxing, enjoying and pampering yourself. Happy pregnancy, enjoy this precious time and take good care of yourself!

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