10 Awesome Beaches You’ll Want to explore in Mauritius

Are you still thinking where to go on your next holiday? Well in that case I’d suggest you to consider this dreamy island called “Mauritius” which has everything from laid back bliss, serenity to water sport activities and everything a perfect beach destination could offer. So if you’re a kind of person who prefers to sit back and sip cocktails or is an adrenaline junkie or who simply likes to lie down on a hammock and soak in the surroundings, then go for it! This island is sure to leave you mesmerised with its azure waters and breathtaking sunsets.

1. Ile Aux Cerfs

Ok let me start with this heavenly beauty, this one is my favourite and is beyond gorgeous! To get an access to this gem you’d need to pre book a speed boat or catamaran.

And the dreamy two hour ferry is sheer fun. I’d suggest you to book a luxury catamaran. I’ll write a detailed post on Catamaran soon.

Think of any water sport and it’s there! Yes that’s true and Also it’s quite popular among the couples as it’s just too romantic. Moreover it has one of the most stunning golf courses in the world so all you golfers get ready for some real fun! It’s a postcard destination and those who’re looking to kick back and relax, the ivory sand of this gorgeous beach is too inviting to make you lie down and get a nice tan.

Hey see what I found, so many shells! It was a bit of treasure hunt!

2. Mon Choisy

Are you sucker for sunsets? Well I’m a big time! And if you’re like me then straight away hit this place to immerse yourself in absolute tranquility. It’s a 3 km long stretch of coastline very beautifully bordered by casuarina trees. Enjoy jogging, water skiing or simply relax. The football lovers may go to the football field which is right beside the beach.

3. Bell Ombré

It was love at first sight! It’s so gorgeous and intoxicating that you’d feel like staying there forever. It’s has a coastline of about 6 kms.

The sandy gold beach, crystal blue waters, shallow bays and the knock out views were enough to lure me to go there multiple times!

It’s a place far away from the cloistered world so you’ll have all the seclusion and serenity to yourself. Like majority of other beaches, this too offers plenty of water sport activities.

4. Gris Gris

Gris Gris traditionally means black magic and it’s actually magical! It’s located in Souillac village in the south of Mauritius island. It’s known for its turbulent waters and giant waves crashing against the cliff. Any kind of water sport is prohibited because of its strong currents which’ve led to drowning in the past so the authorities are quite strict about it.

It’s perfect for picnics. Just sit on the cliff top and enjoy the ocean spray and roaring waves. Also there’re lots of ice cream trucks to satiate your sweet tooth cravings. There’re steps to go down to the beach but usually people prefer sitting atop the cliff and get amazed by the windswept Gris Gris.

5. Le Morne

This awesome beach is at the southwest of the island and perfect to relax, swim, walk, kite surfing, scuba diving, sailing and what not. It’s quite and a great place to chill and if you love hiking then you may want to climb the majestic trail of le morne hill which is a cultural landmark and UNESCO World Heritage site. While entering the beach there’re many casuarina trees which provides ample amount of space to get comfy.

6. Flic en Flac

It’s on the western coast of the island and is a 8km long beach perfect for relaxation, sunbathing, picnics and various water sports. It’s quite popular among the locals and they come fully prepared with picnic baskets, family and friends. And It was a great sight to see people dancing, singing, playing guitar, drums and celebrating life.

7. Grand Baie

It’s known for its nightlife, beach lifestyle, and stunning blue azure lagoons. It’s located at the northern western part of the island and is very poplar among the tourists. Since it’s a commercial area so you can expect it to be slightly crowded and touristy. There’re plenty of choices so you can head to any bar, restaurant, have delicious sea food or simply click pictures walking around the spectacular beach. There’re a lot of fishing opportunities and apart from that you may book yachts and catamarans from here.

8. Trou aux biches

It lies in the west coast of Mauritius and is famous for it’s white powdery sand quality. You may snorkel or just relax admiring the beauty. You shouldn’t miss the sunset which engulfs the beach in it’s golden glow.

9. Cap Malheureaux

This fishing village lies in the north of Mauritius and is strikingly beautiful. It’s famous for its red roofed church and pictures can’t do justice to the gorgeousness of this place. Life runs so very smoothly in this village with absolute no hustle bustle. It’s a great spot for taking pictures, swim, snorkel and nurture your body, mind and soul.

10. La Cuvette

A small beach of around 100-200 metres long, located in the north west of Mauritius near Grand Baie area. You can leisurely take a stroll while the sea breeze kisses you and sweeps your hair. I just loved the beach shacks where one can have delicious local meals, chilled beer and sit behind the rocks to soak in the view. It’s a white sandy beach but some area is rocky which makes a great spot to sit and chill. You can do shopping, undersea walk, camping, diving, swimming and many more interesting things.

You can have a look at the map to get the fair idea of the location of the beaches and other places.

Now that you know where to go and which beach to head to in Mauritius. Venture out, have fun, make memories and do let me know about your experiences.

And if you’ve any query please feel free to ask in the comment section or you can drop me an email. I’ll be happy to help!

Until then

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