This is my first blog entry and I’m so happy to have entered the blogging world..wohoo!!!I’m happy like a little child and suddenly I realise that happiness doesn’t have to be expensive but can be from simplest of the things. For instance this first blog entry!!

“Happiness is enjoying all the little things in life…”goes the saying.

Hello lovely folks, oftentimes we get caught in the humdrum of life that we completely forget to enjoy the little things.

Well,I won’t be wrong if I say we don’t even appreciate or to be precise register the minute details this beautiful universe gives us.

Want to see a change in your life?

And mind you it will transform you. You’ll have a whole new perspective towards life and everything else.

Enjoy the beauty around you,

the sky…the flowers…the trees…the rain..

the lush green surroundings..the fall…

the innocent face you probably saw at the signal..the silence…the chaos….

Find beauty in the forgotten path..

The things which seem to be mundane will actually take away the pain..

Miracles happen in these small little moments for one day we’d realise they were never insignificant but big and of consequence..

And always tell yourself, Oh what a beautiful morning…Oh what a beautiful day..

I’ve got a beautiful feeling that everything’s going my way..

So friends be happy and enjoy the little things!!

Will be back soon,

-Glam Adventuress

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