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Let’s bring your Insta Story game to another level. So I’ve been receiving numerous DM’s and emails regarding how I edit my IG stories. Today I sat down writing about my most favourite apps for you which will not only help you amp up your Instagram game but creating stories would be like a breeze! IG stories were introduced in August 2016 and it has become insanely popular and a rage ever since. It’s simply because they provide such a diverse and interesting element in the whole story thing making it more interactive, creative and engaging. Adding nice fonts, collages, animations, videos, photos, borders on the same screen making your posts stand out.


It’s always fun to show your audience the raw, spontaneous and unedited side of yours, than the perfectly curated and styled feed. You can share random things and let them know what you’re up to, make announcements, share your niche related things, the list is endless. Also I believe showing behind the scenes, your daily shenanigans to people will help them connect with you. Come on, who doesn’t like relateable stuff? I’ll tell you how to create incredible stories and catch people’s attention, make them engaged, and eventually grow your influence. Ok, tighten your seatbelt, here are the magical apps…




It’s my all time favourite app, it not only helps with instagram stories but blogging in general. Basically, it’s a one stop shop if you’re a blogger, influencer or a business owner. I love how it makes minimalist designs. There are plenty of templates and fonts available which you can select as per your liking and requirement. It’s very simple to use,making it super popular with amateurs and professionals alike.


Want to jazz up your stories with animated text graphics? Well this app is the answer. It’s super easy and fun to use. You just need to upload picture and add animated typography. The former is available only for iOS and the latter is for both Android and iOS.


You can never go wrong with this short video stories. So this’s a great app to play with the videos and photos for Insta Stories. You can trim, cut, merge, split, control the motion of the video, add filters, emojis, effects, interesting backgrounds, voice-overs, and much more, it lets you do plenty of things. The best part is you can easily convert your video to Insta Story size.


This app is one of the most popular ones and this was the first app I experimented with my stories. It gives such a stylish and minimalist feel that you’d get addicted to it. Moreover, it’s amazing to add videos and photos together in the same frame. There’re many packs with a different theme, however, you need to buy most of them. I feel Unfold helps you giving that cohesive look, no wonder it is everyone’s favourite!


Oh I just love this one, it instantly gives your stories that artsy, clean and modern look. There’re plethora of options to choose from various filters and templates like polaroid, neon, floral etc. It doesn’t require any log-in and offers a lot of templates. However, it is available only for iOS.


There’re loads of other apps as well like VSCO, A Design Kit, Pic Monkey, 1967- Vintage filters app, Cinematograph etc and all these are equally good. But there’s no point to have countless tools when you don’t really know how to use them. So, don’t get confused and stick to only two or three apps in the beginning and practice using them.

For those still new to Instagram, you don’t need to download any app, there are plenty of features available within the Instagram itself like boomerang, super zoom, focus, rewind, various new filters have been added recently and with the Instagram music you can make your stories just wow! You may start with just one app in the beginning. I hope these apps will help you create amazing stories and more so if you’re a blogger. So guys put your creative pants on and create that can’t miss content with the secrets that I’ve shared above. Happy Instagramming!


Until then stay happy and keep it stylish


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