Do you like experimenting with latest trends? Do you like being called a fashionista? Do you like going through every fashion magazine you get your hands on? Well then this post is for you.What you wear speaks volumes about who you are! The clothes you wear aren’t only a physical manifestation and expression of fashion but go on to reflect your inner feelings, personality and taste. Your outfit can either set you apart from the crowd and make you look undeniably attractive or make you butt of jokes!


1.Buying stuff that doesn’t fit

The major fashion blunder we make is to buy clothes which are either too tight or too loose. Learn your body type and dress accordingly. Trust me nothing looks more unflattering than those love handles bulging out of a pair of jeans or a top! The same thing goes with shoes, If you aren’t comfortable then don’t wear and save yourself from the embarrassment. I’ve seen countless women teetering in stilettos taking baby steps, duck walking and constantly looking at their feet and praying not to land facedown! And when you see someone like that you can barely stop chuckling inside your head. But you know what’s even worse? It’s realizing that YOU might be making these mistakes yourself!

2. Don’t become a slave to trends

Fashion is cyclical and trends keep changing not yearly or monthly but everyday! Yes that’s true, So don’t be a victim to this never ending parade of trends. It’s completely okay if you can’t carry off that crop top or skinny jeans, Nobody is going to label you as uncool. Stay true to your body and focus on the clothes that will truly flatter your shape.

3. Over accessorizing is a big NO

Less is more! Go for a statement piece rather than cluttering up yourself with too many jewellery pieces all at once. It would look as if your bold earrings are competing with your flashy neckpiece! Keep it bare minimum and let that one piece take the spotlight.

4. Don’t be a brand snob

You don’t have to look like a walking advertisement for brands. It’s one of the biggest fashion disasters when every piece of your outfit is shouting the brand name(imagine logos emblazoned everywhere!!). I don’t know why suddenly that scene from the movie “Hindi medium” flashed into my mind when that couple goes to their daughter’s high end school looking like a brand ki dukaan! So now you know what I mean, keep it simple and stylish.

5. Keep a Mystery

I think you can shine more by wearing something that’s fashionably sexy and yet stylishly modest. Simply know the trick of what to bare and what to keep under the wraps. All you should know is the art of pulling whatever you are wearing with sophistication. And you are ready to rock!!

That’s all for now, Thank you for stopping by and reading. I too learn a great deal from your feedback and comments. And yes you guys melt my heart when you share my articles and go that extra mile. Lots of love!

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-Glam Adventuress

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  1. Gr8 tips…. from a fashionista herself…….keep em coming n keep us updated…….Following……much love

  2. i think i got this from ‘The Hills’ or something but your accessories section reminded me of it. “Before you leave the house take one accessory off” haha.
    Great post 🙂

  3. I always have the opposite problem, that I accessorize too little:( I always forget to put my earrings on or any bracelets or necklaces! Great advice though, I agree with all of the points:) The trend thing is a pet peeve of mine…Thanks for sharing!

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