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I wanted to experience hostels but the prospect of it always seemed daunting. Being sceptical about the safety and a sucker for little luxuries in life, my heart didn’t brace the courage until recently. And ever since I watched Kangana’s movie Queen, hostels for me meant dorm like rooms with bunk beds, communal bathrooms(Well not really comfy with that). However, many hostels are rather plush and even offer a few private rooms in addition to traditional shared rooms. The Island Hostel Sri Lanka has all the luxuries of a hotel and an authentic backpacker experience so that you get best of both the worlds! Isn’t that cool?

The vibe of the Island hostel was so young and cool that I fell for it instantly. There were people singing and playing guitar, jam session kinda in the communal area as we walked through the stairway to our room. I must admit it felt awesome.

Imagine a cute place with rooftop infinity pool, a kitchenette and a bar/ dining area next to it overlooking the ocean. Wow that’s so dreamy! In fact the crowd was so good, that I wanted to stay a little longer.

Almost every hostel has two or three private rooms so you don’t have to share your bathroom or need to hear strangers snoring. Hmm I don’t know If I’d ever reach that level. So we booked a private room and it was absolutely fabulous. There’re various kind of hostels like Budget Hostel, home away from home, Party Hostel, and last but not least the 5 Star Hostels.

What to keep in mind before booking a Hostel

  1. LocationThe accessibility of the place is of utmost importance. Is the place near the airport or transportation if – I’m planning to transit? Are the major sites and attractions close by? 

  2. Security and safety– Well when you’re on vacation, nothing is more important than your safety. Make sure the hostel you book is in a safe area and not where the criminal activities are high.

  3. Facilities– Any decent hostel would provide the basic services like Wifi and breakfast. But if you’re looking for more than search for the hostels that have good facilities like lockers, A.C., Hot water, bar, pool, kitchen, library, laundry service, and bike rentals. etc. Don’t assume every hostel will give you the same services.

  4. Reviews– Yes I believe in what people have to say about a place. Go to Trip Advisor, read blogs and scroll through all the comments thoroughly. Trust me this helps big time.

  5. Terms and conditions– Don’t ignore this part, we often ignore reading it. You must be aware if there’re any noise restrictions, timing policies or other important things to keep in mind.

There’s no denying the fact that hostels are the great way to meet fellow travellers. However it’s up to you whether to stay in the dorm style rooms or the private ones. The latter allows for full privacy as well as the advantage of a social life within the hostel. I’d still be a hotel person but ya once in a while opting for hostels wouldn’t hurt!

That’s all for now, for any queries please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section or you can shoot me an email. Have you ever stayed in a hostel? If you have any other tips I would love you to share them in the comments section. Keep travelling!!


Until then

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